Short Story About 9/11

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It’s been a rough week for me and my family like just last night my dad's store was robbed we don't know who did it but my parents are freaking out mom mostly. Her job doesn't pay much so we relied on my dad's store to make the rest of the money and know that it's been robbed it doesn't seem all that hopeful. Then I get a call, it's my best friend Tom. He thinks we should volunteer at the police office. I said, “Really, you think we should, why, this isn’t like you to do this” It took awhile for tom to explain but as he was talking He seemed different He seemed more confident and stern maybe people change. I decided we should. We just got there to volunteer, and we were walking around…show more content…
Hey tom these police are going to another robbery seen let's follow them”I don’t know carter, isn't that breaking the rules” “well maybe but it's for the best” so me and tom snuck up to the police car I tried to open the door and it was unlocked “why would those two leave the door unlocked” he whispered “don’t know” I said we got in the police car and lated on the floor. Later that day we arrived at the crime scene and it was a run down old building with cracks in the walls. We snuck in the building it was trashed and there were shards of broken glass on the floor and all the tables were flipped over,Just then I realized this was my dad's store the same one who'd been robbed 4 days ago. Then the police started to leave so we got back on the police car and went back to the police station. After we got back we were running some errands for the police when I heard voices “Come on theres gotta be something we can do”said voice nombre uno “sir we just can't catch this guy he's always gone before we get there”said voice 2. Then the door opened and all the men came out. I tried my best to look normal and to just walk…show more content…
He ran and I ran after him. Tom and I stopped at the police tape. ” I think that it is too dangerous to go beyond police tape” said

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