Short Story About 9/11

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On November 11, 2001 in Nyack, N.Y. a tragedy struck that affected thousands of people. On an ordinary Tuesday, Elise Walton was on her way to work in the World Trade Center, in the south tower, on the 104th floor. She shared a desk with a man named Welles Crowther, and she had only known him for a few months because she was new to this job. She had already known from the minute she met him that he was going to be her hero. Elise had a strange feeling since she woke up that something bad was going to happen at work. Then she arrived at work, passed through the lobby and entered the elevator. It felt like an eternity before she finally reached the 104th floor. Welles greeted her at their desk, as usual in his kind, caring voice. “ Hello Elise, how are you this morning?” “ I am doing pretty good, except ever since I woke up I have had a strange feeling that something bad is going to happen today.” “I hope nothing does happen…” Was Welles’s reassuring reply. At 9:03 a.m. Elise happened to look out the window right as a plane was headed straight for the building! The next thing she knew, there was a ear ripping crash. Everyone was thrown across the room, as if they were ragdolls. There was fire on mostly the upper floors of the building, when Elise tried to look out the window, all she could see was black smoke. Part of the ceiling above …show more content…

He picked her up and gathered others to follow his voice. He led them to a staircase where he walked them down 15 flights of stairs, then he said I’m going back up to help others. Elise was gently passed on to another man who could carry her the rest of the way down. About 2 minutes after Elise and the rest of the group emerged from the south tower, and fled to safety, the south building collapsed. From that moment on , everyone knew that Welles, an amazing hero, was dead. Welles was many people’s hero, although he couldn 't save

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