Short Story About Funky

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Do you ever wake up and just feel funky? I can remember feeling this way, even when I was a kid. It rarely happens anymore but it hit today and well, I just didn 't like it. I woke up, nothing out of the normal happened, Gus came into my room and crawled in bed with me, Brian was already up and heard the baby and brought her in and the three of us laid in bed before getting our day started snuggling. I could tell though, something just felt eh... different. All of my insecurities seemed to shout at me this morning... every one of them. Do you ever have that? I am certain it is "normal" but yuck! It 's that fast forward thing your brain can do - but it 's actually just playing moments of the past over and over in your head and it seems like you just covered the last 20 years of awful moments in about 2.3 seconds. As I type I wonder, maybe I 'm alone on this one? But something also tells me I 'm not. And I just did a google search about feeling funky and it turns out many people have written many things about "483 easy steps to get out of that funk and feel better" (that 's sarcasm for those of you not familiar with its frequent use by me) so it 's been confirmed - I am not alone.…show more content…
Those moments that are playing over in my head I handed over to God and told him I was leaving them at His feet and I wasn 't picking them back up. Do you know those moments? Those tend to be the ones that play the loudest on funky days. Ugh. I don 't like them, I didn 't like them when they happened and I certainly don 't like them on rewind and repeat. Anyway, that 's where I 've been today. No other shoe dropped that I 'm aware of, although I was certainly waiting for it. Clearly, that was a waste of my time. If you have ever dealt with anxiety, don 't you think that might be the most frustrating part of all? That you realize it 's a time waster? Good moments passing you by because you are stuck in
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