Short Story About Moving Away

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"Come on, wake up! We have pack and leave." Nichole said as she shook her daughter Katelynn trying to wake her up. Katelynn arose in shock not knowing what was going on. 
"Mom, what is happening?" 
"Just get up and help me pack. We can 't take much just what we need. Only four bags allowed." Nichole responded, now with tears coming to her eyes. 
 Katelynn decided not to ask and just do what her mother said, she knew she 'd get an answer sooner or later. As Katelynn packed her clothes and things she needed, her face expression was like a boy who was being sent to boot camp. She had tons of both thoughts and questions running through her head. "Why are we leaving? Are we going, back to Pennsylvania? Why is she crying? Is something…show more content…
"Nope, let 's just surprise them. Tara will be picking us up and taking us to grams."
"Alright, well let 's pack faster so we can leave." 
"Sounds like I plan. Let 's be gone by the time Derek comes home for lunch, we have about an hour and a half." 
 Once they had packed everything and had the car loaded, they said their goodbyes to Derek 's mom, who lived with them. After their goodbyes and tears, they were off and never turning back. Nichole and her daughter had met up with her friend, his name was Darrell. He was the one who was going to help them get a hotel, buy plane tickets, and get a ride to the airport. The first thing they did was ordered the plane tickets. Then to try to make things a little better, he bought them Taco Bell. Of course it made Katelynn happier because that was the first thing she had eaten all day. Once they ate, it was time for them to head to the hotel. When they got the hotel room, Darrell left for the night. 
 In the hotel there was nothing to do, but watch tv and of course be on the Internet. Katelynn decided that while her mom was watching tv, she would tell her friends this horrible news that she was leaving. Katelynn opened a group chat with her closest friends, there names were James, Cheyenne, Miranda, Billie Jean, and Ja 'mourice. Katelynn wasn 't sure what she was going to say, so she started typing...
"I 'm sorry ya 'll, I am no longer going to be living here in Texas. Early in the morning my mom and I are getting a
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