Short Story About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Dan Vassy stands in his kitchen hunched over three-day brine recipe for a Thanksgiving he doesn’t want his family to forget. He sneezes as a cat rubs up against his leg. He grunts and grabs a broom to shove it out of the kitchen. A disgruntled sister-in-law walks into the room concerned. “What are you doing,” Carol exclaims. “You know I’m allergic! You said you were going to keep them in the guest room.” Dan contemplates if Carol wasn’t rescued by those fireman from her apartment a few days ago. Just as that thought crosses his mind, Kristina, his lovely, overly-enthusiastic wife, skips into the kitchen with her son staying close by her side on his portable piano. “Hi, Dan! We have a surprise for you,” Kristina hums. “That’s nice honey, but can we talk about your sister?”…show more content…
Logan starts to methodically press button on the piano to produce electronic sounds. She starts to sing a song about Thanksgiving consisting of turkeys, pilgrims, and gravy. This goes on for five minutes. At one point of the song, Dan goes back to massaging his turkey with salt and oils. Once she has finished her last, off-key note, Kristina looks at her husband expectantly for his approval. He looks at his wife and smiles at her radiance and begins to clap his hands proceeding to splash off the sauce everywhere. He immediately resumes his usual irritation and tries to clean up the
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