Short Story About The Gingerbreadvillan

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“Lucy be quiet,” Miles whispered.
“What is it?” Billy mumbles.
“I think, I think it's ginger I can smell it” Joey said.
“It can't be why would it be making noises?” Steve says.
As the ground started shaking the door popped and glided to the ground.
“Hello I'm home hehehehe” says the gingerbreadvillan.
All of the humans scream and try to run away from him but the gingerbreadvillain catches them and puts them in his arms and holds us he runs out into an old path that says “keep out”
“Steve says where are we going?” and the gingerbreadvillan says “you will find out hehehehe”
As the gingerbreadvillan runs Steve spots an old rusty sign that says “welcome to 4egnigdaerbnam”
Click clank plack the Locks scream as the gingerbreadvillan
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“Well no but do you know what that is?”
“Yeah cause you think I'm just gonna know this weird word no of course I don't so tell me” Steve yells.
“Well when I was a kid my grandma always told me a legend about that it's actually just gingerbread man backwards but my grandma always says stay out of there or else”Lucy tells
“Or else what” Andrew shrieks “Well she never told me what but I think it's bad” Lucy explains
“Well how are we gonna escape?” Miles says.
“Well I guess we can like escape by when he gives us food if he does” Steve says. “Yeah then we can run!” Miles says. The old gloomy room reminded miles of this one place he went to when he was a kid it was an old historical landmark it reminded him cause that castle was old and this room is well, old. Miles has blonde hair he is 14 and lives with his friends.
Steve is the oldest he is 18 and also lives with the group in the woods he has red hair and he is smaller. Andrew is the youngest and he is 9 he has brown hair glasses and he is tall for his age Lucy is 14 and has blonde hair and she is tall. billy is 16 and has black curly hair and he is tall. Joey is 15 and has brown hair.
“I think he is coming guys” Steve whispered. “Yeah I heard him to” miles
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