Aint No Silver Spoon In The Ghetto Analysis

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“Ain’t No Silver Spoon In The Ghetto”
Sad times were afoot in the house where Sterling lives, and he is very curious to find out why is mom and dad are so unhappy.
Mother…. Why is Father so unhappy, did he loose at golf again. No my Dear, it seems that we may have to move. "What! I’ve resided here my whole life" said sterling. Why do we have to leave? Well Dear your Father’s job is relocating him. We Have to move back to tarnish town, where your father grew up.
As Sterling remembered, father always spoke of humble beginnings…. Sterling was very concerned because he’s only known a life of leisure in flatware shores. Sterling was extremely nervous about moving day he sat in his window everyday, peering out right up to moving day.
Well moving day finally
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Were moving to the town of tarnish where your father grew up. tarnish sounded like a nice place, but Sterling would come to find that, that couldn’t be father from the truth.
As the family car followed the moving truck, Sterling could slowly see the scenery change from very elegant to not so what he was use to.
Finally the moving truck came to a screeching stop. As Sterling exited the family car he looked so shocked at his new neighborhood it was like he had been dropped off in a haunted town. As the front door opened, it let out a loud squeak, and all that came to Sterling’s mind was haunted house.
“Click” turned on the lights and slowly a huge smile formed on Sterling’s face” Pretty nice” he thought to himself. As Sterling ascended the stairs in leaps and bounds, he couldn’t wait to see what his room looked like.
He slowly opened the door and turned on the light “click” as he stuck his arm through the narrow opening of the ajared door and peered in with one eye.
Yay! Once again he was pleasantly surprised. Sterling ran back down the stairs to collect his boxes. He raced up and down the stairs until everyone of his boxes were in his
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