Short Story Analysis

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CHUKA UNIVERSITY NAME: LEWIS MUTUGI REG. NO: CBS2/11784/13 COURSE: B.A (Communication & Media) UNIT: COMMUNICATION AND ANALYTICAL CRITISISM UNIT CODE: COMM 272 INSTRUCTOR: DR. S. RAIJI DATE: 14 November 2014 QUESTIONS; Identify the following, 1(a) Story theme. (b)Argument in the story. (c) The plot. Theme is a subject of talk or an artistic piece of a topic. It mainly talks about the main idea in the story or piece of writing. From the story we have read above we can derive the theme of irresponsible parenthood. We can also see minor themes of privacy from where people are so much concerned about people’s private life. We can also see another minor theme of materialism where Sabina Anyango Stadler is more concerned about material wealth rather than taking care of her five month old baby. Plot Plot are the events that make up the story particularly as they relate to one another in a sequence. The plot of this story is about a lady by the name Sabina Anyango Stadler who has a five month baby. Sabina and another Kenyan get a chance to represent Kenya in the famous Big Brother reality show in South Africa. The Big Brother reality show in South Africa motivates Sabina Anyango to leave her five year old baby in Kenya and travel to South Africa optimistic that she would win 27 million shillings. As a media personality people attack her with words but she argues that she had to travel to South Africa to go and look for a better life both for her baby and herself. From

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