Short Story Analysis: The Jessie's Girl

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“Channel your struggles to win,” says Rick Springfield. That was his tip to success that he fully believes in. Beneath it all, the man behind the music has been struggling. It may not be evident during his performances and interviews but he has been fighting a disease for a long time. And he doesn’t plan on losing to it.

In 2010, Springfield told the public about his long battle with depression. "I try and channel my depression into a creative art, either writing or performing, doing something with it so that I win and it doesn 't," Springfield told CNBC. The “Jessie’s Girl” hit-maker wrote a memoir that details all of his success and struggles in the industry as an artist.

While other artists use their background story or current life or love experiences as their inspiration for their work and career. He uses a different tactic.
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Which is why he used his struggle with depression to fuel his creativity. He uses it in his writing and performances. “I try to channel it to productive areas so it doesn 't beat me,” he
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