Short Story: Arcadia Pets

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Justin Denaro, 16, had always wanted to own a puppy, but when he finally got the chance to do so, it didn 't quite turn out as he had planned.

Denaro had taken on a part-time job at his local pet store, and with some financial help from his uncle, he was able to save up enough money to finally get a puppy of his own.

Denaro said that from the moment he laid eyes on his new puppy, he knew she was the one. He said that he had been dying to get a dog of his own for such a long time, but he never expected it to actually happen.

Unfortunately, when Denaro went to purchase the puppy from his boss at Arcadia Pets, the store he was working at, he got some bad news. The owner of the store told Denaro that their surveillance cameras recorded a woman entering the pet store, taking his puppy out of her cage, and leaving the store with her.
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He said that when he told his mom she began crying hysterically. He said that he was also shocked about the news and that it made him both sad and mad.

But thankfully, the store owner wanted to help the family find their missing puppy. She posted a status on the business ' social media pages asking if anyone had information about the lost puppy.

Surprisingly, her pleas worked. Soon after posting the status updates, a local firefighter came forward and said that he recognized the puppy from the store 's Facebook post, and he knew who had taken

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