Short Story Ashes Ashleigh

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Ashleigh was a young girl faced with a tough decision that would potentially betray the trust of one of her parents. In the short story Ashes Ashleigh had a tough time dealing with the divorce of her mother and her father. Ashleigh’s mom is a realist and her father is a dreamer which basically means her mother takes everything seriously and her father doesn’t take anything serious. Ashleigh’s father was in debt with an unknown person in the story and her mother keeps a tea pot with back up cash in it so Ashleigh’s father wants ashleigh to borrow the money without asking so he can pay the unknown person back. It was likely that Ashleigh took the money because she favored her father over her mother, she was pressured to take the money, and she acted as though she was going to take the cash. Ashleigh favored her dad over her mom so it was likely she took the money to help her father. Sometimes she would say things that would make it seem like she didn’t like her mom “Mom might never be caught without batteries or tissues, but she called me Ashleigh-a name she didn’t even like-and never promised me anything,” (Susan Pfeffer #1). As you can see in the quote Ashleigh didn’t like how her mother saw her name and how she never makes promises to Ashleigh. Ashleigh and her father are like best friends and get along well “My friends’ fathers, they just tell my friends to study more they never tell them they have flair or style.” (Susan Peffer #2). In the story Ashleigh loved how her

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