Baby Coco Meets Friends Book Report

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Baby CoCo Meets Mikes' Friends

The sun is rising over the gently rolling countryside of Charles Dobbins’ Dairy Farm. Charles and Emily Dobbin’s freckled face son, Mikie is about to be awakened. The grey kitten is just waking up in his warm kitten bed. Stretching and yawning, Baby CoCo looks for Mikie. He sees tousled yellow hair sticking out from under a blue blanket. In one swift jump, Baby CoCo lands in the middle of Mikes’ tummy, waking him instantly.

Sounds of sleepy laughter fill the room as Mikie reaches for Baby CoCo. Mikie loves when Baby CoCo wakes him each morning. The Baby Kitten snuggles close to Mikie. His sleepy little eyes and soft purring sounds make Mikie feel safe and loved.

Just as Baby CoCo begins to frolic through the covers, they hear Mikes’ mother calling them to breakfast. With a challenging glance between boy and kitten, they race downstairs. As usual, Baby CoCo wins the race and as usual, Mikie tries to correct the little kitten. “Baby CoCo, you are supposed to
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He grabs his fork and dives into the stack of hot cakes his mother has prepared.

Mikes’ mother smiles, “Someone has a birthday today?” she teased.

Mikes’ laughter rings out gleefully, “Yes, I am five years old today and Baby CoCo is five months old today. Today we are the same number. I will put Baby CoCo in my red wagon so he can meet all my friends on the farm.” “Mikie, you have planned a very exciting adventure,” his mother cheerfully replied. “Why not begin your adventure meeting the cows. Your father is in the dairy barn, he would enjoy introducing Baby CoCo to them. Baby CoCo will love the cows, knowing they give him sweet warm milk.”

“Oh yes,” giggles Mikie, “Baby CoCo loves milk, he will be very happy to meet the
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