The Zephyr Heart By Manuel Carrer Analysis

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THE ZEPHYR HEART A wise man named Manuel Bandeira once said- ‘”Be like the floating river Silent in the night Be not afraid of the dark If there are clouds in the sky Reflect them back. Remember clouds like river, are water, So gladly reflect them into your Own tranquil Depths”. Thought Delilah Kapoor as she straightened her posture and wiped her tears trickling down on her cheeks from her swollen and red rimmed eyes. Yes. She was sad .Every time she felt so, she ran weeping towards the river and sat down on her favourite bench by the river. After all it was more than her home. Delilah shared her rues with the river, the moon and even the derelict stones. These were the sole three things that she loved about the night.” This too would pass”,…show more content…
The night was quiet except for the crickets and the flowing river singing a monotonously plaintive tune and rippling and meandering like a huge Prussian blue cobra .The river was literally a pariah like her. She closed her eyes and felt as if she was in paradise. Delilah was a beautiful being. Perhaps the finest the human race has ever seen.Even when she cried she was beautiful too.It was beautiful to witness her slightly reddened and flushed cheeks, ears and eyes. Delilah’s world was not perfect.SHE WAS NOT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. she was special.She waswhat a medical person would call autistic .She looked normal like any other 18 year old. But the codes of her rule book said no society, no friendship, and no relationship. She could not speak; she did not want to even with anybody, she screamed and gestured to articulate her feelings. After her mother passed ,Delilah Kapoor felt miserable ;the only person who m she truly loved…She didn’t get any sleep that night. Her father Dennis Kapoor being wealthy ,married another
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