Short Story: Bella Makes Life By Lorna Goodison

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The simple definition of culture is the specific ways of each society, group and place of thinking, behaving, beliefs, arts and customs. While cultural encounter is the interaction that happens between two countries, it leads to effects all the societies in these two countries, it reaches all the way from daily activities to everyday life, also it enable new forms of community, new beliefs, value and arts. There are too many kinds of culture in this short story the major cultures are Foreign Culture and Social culture. In the short story “Bella Makes Life” for Lorna Goodison we will talk about the cultural encounter between Jamaica whom is rich in cultural traditions and still coherent in its traditions and religious thought and America where there is no traditions, only the main concept is living a life of freedom and no religious thought. Foreign culture is the changing or the effect when you visit and live in a new country on the language, mixing foreign language with a new accent or the opposite using the dialect language with the foreign accent. It can play a big role in changing the way of dressing, even it effects on the colors also. The Social Culture mainly women ‘s right because in Jamaica the women have no rights, exposed to violence, she has no right to work, but in other countries, Western culture is based on equality, were women is equal to men. Every character in this short story was affected by a new attitude , Bella was a new person she was

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