Short Story Bella Makes Life

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Culture helps people to find new and different ways of construing and understanding the surrounds and the world with regards to others. Culture can be defined as the thoughts, customs and social attitudes of a specific group of people or society in general (Mulder et al., 2006: 53). Brown (2008) has classified the cultural encounters in two types; issue of detection and exchange and conflicting values. Conflicting values mean here the people’s sensation of racism and predominance, on the other hand "the issue of exchange and detection” points out to the variations in practices, customs and standards, which develop each other. Further, the personal identity refers to the self-development concept that develops over the life’s tracks (Brown, 2008: 91). This refers to the unusual circumstances of life that cannot be controlled by anyone like the choices of individuals in their life. A wide spread of culture encounters is noted in our today’s world. The short story “Bella Makes Life” embodies and explores the importance of the cultural encounter concept, leaving its critical effects on its…show more content…
The final meeting between Joe and Ms. Blossom helped in outlining the theme of cultural encounter in "Bella Makes Life". This was clearly appeared in Joseph 's feeling of frustrating because Miss Blossom started to keep pace with the tunes of Western culture, and she also started to have strange dresses. He viewed that Miss Blossom is the one who would aid him in relieving the impacts of love in his heart because of Bella, but this wish disappeared at the end of the story. Miss Blossom was distinguished by her own style in clothes which was close to the Western clothes. These changes in Miss Blossom 's character and attitudes were due to her being influenced by Bella. In the final scene Joseph reacted with these changes in the clothing style by showing his annoyance towards this change. He resolved this meeting by being strong and rigid and decided to dismiss Bella from
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