Short Story Breaking The Egg Rikki

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Rikki holds the last egg and thinks about how to stop Nagaina from killing Teddy and his family. Rikki, was wondering what to do with the egg. Then, he had an idea. Rikki told Nagaina to meet in the garden. Nagina nervously says “sure” Nagina thought to himself “I’m surely surely in a sticky sticky situation.”

Zoom!They meet in the garden and then Rikki says “let’s make a deal.”
“What do you want’ replied Nagina.”If you do not get out of this garden I will break the egg in 5 seconds.” Replied Rikki Tikki Tavi. Nagina replied “ you can’t do this!!!” “I will give you 48 hours to leave this garden or i will break the egg.” “Fine” Replied Nagina. Rikki went back to where he sleeps and so did Nagina. Nagina thought about if he should leave the garden for his egg. Rikki on the other hand was eating a good dinner with ham,cheese and bacon.He was as hungry as a horse. Rikki was touching the ham,cheese, and bacon and smelling the food.He was so hungry. Then he ate the delicious ham,cheese and bacon.
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Nagina would try to distract Rikki with food that he likes such as crabs and more exciting food choices. Nagina decided that she will do it tomorrow after she

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