Short Story Broken Chain

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Literary essay In Life there are many problems. Gary Soto wrought stories called “ Raiders Jacket” and “ Broken Chains” that showed there are many problems in life. In “Broken chains” Alfonso needed a bike to take with him so he can go on a bike ride with Sandra. Also in “Raiders jacket” Lurena lost Eddie’s jacket, she liked Eddie. In the short story “Broken chains” Alfonso’s biggest problem was that he did not have a bike to take with on his bike ride with Sandra. He was walking down the street and he found boy hanging on the fence next to his sister. Then Alfonso helped the boy because Alfonso was kind. Alfonso asked the boy’s sister if she wanted to go on a bike ride. She answered yes. She mentioned that her bike wheel was popped and she…show more content…
Her problem was that she lost the Eddie’s Raiders jacket. She liked Eddie. what happened was that she was cold and Eddie gave her his jacket to wear. So Later that day in science class Lorena and the class was dissecting a frog. The student were going crazy so Lorena took off her jacket and put it somewhere safe. After school when she was on the bus she remembered the jacket. So she decides to buy him a new one at the mall. So she went with her best friend Gataula. At the mall she saw Eddie she had to doj him. After they bought the Raider jacket they met with Eddie at a place called the farm. Eddie was mad at Lorena because the janitor found the jacket and gave it to him. Lorena tried to explain but Eddie would not listen to her. Eddie thought that Lorena through away the jacket because she did not like him. But that was not the truth. The short story says “Just leave me alone, Eddie said.” Eddie was really mad at Lorena. In conclusion Alfonso had a huge problem that was he had no bike to take with him to the bike ride with Sandra. And Lorena had two problems one was that she lost Eddie’s jacket and the other was Eddie got mad at her. Overall everyone has problems in
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