Blindness In Cathedral

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A Blind Man's Perspective

Can you imagine a life without sight? In the short story Cathedral, the readers come across a man named Robert who lives with such blindness. Robert is the friend of the protagonist's wife and stays at their house after visiting some family. This story focuses on the thoughts and actions of the protagonist who is only referred to as the husband. He starts the story with a brief overview of his wife's past and how she met Robert. After filling the readers in, he picks up the story with a conversation between him and his wife before the visit. He expresses some uncomfortableness with him staying at their house since he does not know Robert, and his blindness made his nervous. His wife asks him to try and make him comfortable
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When they got back the husband was nervous and shocked at the man's appearance "...he was wearing a full beard!" the stunned husband noticed (89). Robert came in and was as friendly as could be. His appearance was the first thing that the husband noticed. He had a beard, was well dressed, and without a cane or dark glasses. This initially threw him off and the man's well-kept beard and milky eyes were not expected. They spoke for a bit and shared some Scotch before dinner. The husband began to warm up to Robert and began to become less worried about how he should act. After dinner they sat on the sofa and talked a long while. Most of the conversation was held by Robert and his wife, but he was becoming more comfortable. Eventually his wife left to change and gave them some time to…show more content…
He shared some dope with him and they chatted while the T.V. was on. The wife had come back downstairs while they were talking and eventually fell asleep on the sofa next to her husband. They shared a few jokes that came mostly from Robert. They sat for a time and enjoyed the television program that was on. The conversation then drifted to the T.V. and Robert asked him to describe what was being displayed on screen. There was a documentary on a cathedral and he did his best to describe what was shown. He explained it the best he could but was having trouble being clear. Robert had the idea that he could draw it and he would feel the drawing (96). The husband obliged and began drawing while Robert held his hand. As he drew Robert began to see and the husband continued in detail. After a time, Robert asked him to close his eyes as he drew to share the experience with him. The husband closed his eyes and saw things from his perspective and enjoyed the new view. He felt he knew Robert better and had gained a better understanding of blinded
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