Short Story 'Desiree's Baby'

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In the short story “Desiree’s Baby” , The parents were confused about why the baby was the color he was. The baby boy was black , but the mother and father weren 't black . The husband Armand was blaming Desiree for the reason of the baby’s color. Armad was a big slave owner and it wouldn 't be right for him to have a black baby . It wouldn 't look good on his name. He didn 't want the baby. The author used for showing to show how at the end everything had changed. On page 3 the author states, “A quick conception of all that this accusation meant for her nerved her with unwonted courage to deny it. “It is a lie; it is not true, I am white! Look at my hair, it is brown; and my eyes are gray, Armand, you know they are gray. And my skin is…show more content…
On page 3 it also states “My mother, they tell me I am not white. Armand has told me I am not white. For God’s sake tell them it is not true. You must know it is not true. I shall die. I must die. I cannot be so unhappy, and live.” This shows that Desiree had asked her mom did they have any black in them. She didn 't want to be blamed because of the baby color , so she thought it was better to just kill herself and the baby so they wouldn 't have to go through the criticism . The mother offered her to come back home . Armand didn 't care if the baby and her had left or not because he didn 't want to have a black baby . Desiree had begin to see that it wasn 't her fault the baby was black. She was way whiter than Armand , but he was the same color as the baby . She believes that in his family that they had black somewhere down the line . In the end of the story Armand had found out he was black and it wasn 't his wife . For example it states in page 4 “But, above all,” she wrote, “night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery.” This shows Armand didn 't know much about his family . He was really young and he didn 't know the colors of people he just saw whites and blacks and he was closer to the
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