Diana Layer Cakes Essay

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Diana’s Homemade Layer Cakes In Batam

PHANG JING LIN discovers a kueh lapis house bakery and the owners behind it to find out what makes it so special.

A house bakery selling homemade kueh lapis, also known as layer cakes, Diana Layer Cakes is located at a peaceful residential area in Batam, Indonesia, just one hour ferry ride away from Singapore. As one enters the house, strong aroma of freshly baked cakes fills the atmosphere. (47 words)

In Batam, Diana Layer Cakes is a place where one can find homemade kueh lapis fresh out of the oven. Diana Layer Cakes emphasises a lot on the quality of their kueh lapis. Hence, one can be reassured to get the freshest kueh lapis there.

Ms Erdiana, 55, the owner of Diana Layer Cakes, started baking since she was 16 in her hometown Sumatra, Indonesia. Back then,
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On a regular day, preparation of the ingredients for kueh lapis starts at 6.30am and baking starts around 7 to 7.30am. Making of the dough takes about one and a half hour while baking takes one hour.

Ms Angel added, “Some difficulties that we faced were also the lack of manpower, and getting people to know about our kueh lapis as we did not have any marketing plan.”

To improve on this situation, Diana Layer Cakes supplied to travel agencies, which brought their tour groups to visit their shop. However, things have changed since then. Currently, they no longer supply to travel agencies as they cannot meet the overwhelming demands from the tour groups, who tend to order a lot. In order to maintain the quality of their kueh lapis, they only sell to walk-in guests and people who order from them. Besides that, they have hired four employees to help them.

Diana Layer Cakes also offers delivery service to hotel.

To ensure customers can enjoy high quality and fresh kueh lapis, Ms Angel said, “For morning deliveries, we bake the cakes the day before and for afternoon deliveries, we bake the cakes on the day
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