Short Story Essay: The Story Of My Day

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IRONY: Great just great, thought this was going to be fun. I thought as I held up the ice pack on my tooth. “I’m so sorry it was an accident are you okay” Olivia said. Yah right I said in my head blaming her for everything that had happened to me. I had never stopped to think about what had actually happened. Ever had that day where you thought your day was going to be fun, but it ends up being one of your most terrible days. Well I have, and this is the story of my day. Couple years ago we were at a church function. It wasn’t for me, it was for younger brother. My parents went and did their own thing and I had to help one of the teachers with me,my sister, and Olivia we weren’t so close, but we were friends. It was fun but got tiring teaching the somewhat stubborn children. So we had a break for lunch and we didn’t have to help anymore. We ate pizza, had fun, walked and talked, and then we found out they were setting up jumpy houses. That sounded like fun rather than teaching young kids who don 't ' listen to a single word that comes out of your mouth. Obviously the long lines, little children called for help. Suppose we could have some fun as well. So I asked the adults “Do you need any help?” “Oh that 's very kind of you girls sure!” the leader said “ What would you like us to do?”I asked “So there is already an adult leader at the jumpy house controlling the line so I will have you 3 go inside and one to controlling the exit area to make sure all four kids exit
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