The Great Grandfather Short Story

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The Great Grandfather of the Prince of the Hamsters’ Greatest Realm began his story of a long time ago event. “I was the youngest of my family,” the Great Grandfather said. “All of my brothers and sisters were trained in the secrets of survival and the secrets of the Magic Mirror. I had to wait a long time to become one of them.” The Prince Hamster asked, “What is the Magic Mirror?”
The Great Grandfather replied, “Ask your parents about this. They know better than I do.”
The Prince added, “How long did you have to wait?” The Great Grandfather chuckled and replied with enthusiasm, “Well, let’s find out, shall we? This story is true, by the way. It was early March, 1198, before the explorers had conquered our territory to become this
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“The Water Hamster, the one who summons water. He was called by the Lord of the Bugzy 's, Squeakpaws, to go defeat the lion. The Water Hamster had gone through some of the same experiences before, so he had empathy for the villagers.” The Water Hamster left his house to go on his quest. He still lives with his mom at the age of 21.
He approached Squeakpaws and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and told the Water Hamster, “Oh, hi! I wasn’t expecting you. So, for the quest, I will give you 100 men in order to defeat Fang the Lion once and for all!” He continued, “And if you succeed, there will be a celebration!” The Water Hamster questioned, “Will it be grand?”
Squeakpaws chuckled. “Yes! Very grand indeed! But, if you fail, all will be lost for the Hamster’s Realm.” Squeakpaws brushed his fur and squeaked, “Oh, what is your name again? I am so terribly sorry, I just have short term memory.” The Water Hamster replied, “Call me Aquarius, Squeakpaws. And of course I will help you defeat the lion. I’ve had my father killed by
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Call me Faith.”
So off Faith, Aquarius, and the army of 100 hamsters went on with their journey. After about 3 kilometers, the team stumbled upon a short, stubby tail, which was sticking out of the bushes. They heard a squeak, followed by several more squeaks. Out popped a hamster holding berries in his tiny, cute paws. He twitched his nose and sneezed as a butterfly landed on his tiny nose. This hamster has a coat of brown and gray, with short but thick fur. The brown hamster said, “Hi! My name is Birch. I am also known as the Nature Hamster.” Aquarius informed Birch, “We are going to Fang the Lion’s lair to defeat him.” Aquarius gestured to the army. They took a step forward and bowed.
Birch exclaimed, “Ooh! I would love to go with you! But first, could you all help me put my berries inside my house? I have to feed my wife and baby.” He gestured to the tall dead tree with a hole.
The group agreed and helped their new friend Birch.
Once they were done, Birch bid farewell to his family, for now. Two days later, they acknowledged the fact that they were about 2 kilometers away from Château Gaillard, which was Richard’s castle. The group advanced with caution knowing that Fang would be
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