Creative Writing: Father Tomson And His Chocolate Cake

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Part 9-Father Tomson and his Chocolate Cake

“Be ready in the evening we will go to the cinema.” Raghu said. There was a cinema hall near the hotel. Jagan watched the hall form out side, but never entered. At the place of wagan breker some boy went for cinema, but Jagan never went.
“Cinema! I never watched that.” Jagan replied
“You are completely countrified. Didn’t you saw the posters? Don’t you remember the tall boy and his group went to cinema at wagon barkers place?” Raghu said. He bought some posters from wall and pasted inside hotel’s store room. The cook of the hotel was also visited the cinema hall once in a while. One evening Jagan entered in to the cinema Hall.
“Look at this the men are so tall, they are fighting!” Jagan said in fearful voice.
“Shout your mouth. It is acting, they were not
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I have school just beside your hotel. I tell stories to the children. The story of a powerfull man who spreded love and peace in the world.” The man smiled. “ I teach them singing and I give them education. Come to my place at evening. I stay at that house.” He identified a two stored building little away to the hotel. “Our hotel owner will not allow us to visit your place.” Raghu said.
“Okay I will talk with him. Don’t worry, he knows me.” Father Tomson said. After talking with that man Raghu and Jagan realised that he was not as bad as they thought. But still they were not convinced about the intention of the man. After listing that hotel owner knew the person Raghu and Jagan got back some confidence. Father Tomson offered some chocolate and cakes. The boy’s couldn’t refuse. The man started meeting the boys frequently. One day boys got convinced. It was just for the free cake and chocolates. Father Tomson came and visit hotel owner and took permission from him. He said he will teach them. Surprisingly the hotel owner agreed. He secretly told to the boys that he is a respected man in the locality, but the owner reminded Raghu and Jagan if

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