Short Story From Leaguetown To Sea Town

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From Leaguetown to Sea Town Being a senior in high school is hard enough, with college applications, leaving family and friends, and growing up, but drifting 180 miles offshore during spring break is something Daniel Palacios could not have been prepared for. It was spring break when Daniel Palacios, a senior at Leaguetown high school, wanted to spend his last high school spring break with his family. Daniel and his father, his grandfather, and two uncles decided to spend spring break fishing off of the coast of Port Aransas together on Daniel’s grandfather’s 27-foot boat. The men enjoyed the first day of their trip, on the second day of their trip, after a long day of fishing, they all fell asleep, “[the boat] seemed fine” said Daniel, “Around 3 a.m. we were awakened by water coming into the boat.” After around three hours, the boat was completely filled with water and capsized. “My…show more content…
The Coast Guard searched the Gulf of Mexico for two and a half days with no luck, the Coast Guard called off the search and declared the men and their boat “lost at sea”, “I can’t describe my feeling of absolute despair when the Coast Guard told me that my son, my husband, my father, and my brothers were lost at sea.” said Patricia, “I couldn’t fathom that much loss.” On the men’s fourth day on top of the capsized boat, they say something unbelievable, “When we saw the fishing boat on the fourth day, we all thought we were hallucinating.” said Daniel, “It was a miracle.” The men were all rescued and returned to their family, “When the Coast Guard called the hotel room to tell my sister-in-law and I the good news, I thought I was dreaming.” said Patricia, “The news didn’t sink in until I saw Daniel and his father on the

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