Amy Dunne's Gone Girl

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Gone Girl is a story Nick and Amy Dunne, a couple whose marriage, like many, is full of lies, betrayal, malice and two brilliantly different sides of a story. The suspense part of the novel comes with the main character, Nick Dunne, the husband, and whether he is involved in the disappearance of his wife, Amy. In this thriller novel by Gillian Flynn, who is known for writing novels with unique plot twists, I have learned to be sensitive in giving my trust to people and helped me realized that the years and moments you have with someone will not matter and not a basis to be open in giving your trust.

The story stars the husband, Nick, who has been suspected and told to be involved to the unexpected disappearance of his wife, Amy, who has said
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The line conveys and proves that the story is also about a test of fate and commitment.

This book, Gone Girl packs itself as a winning piece and formula, by confusing, frightening, and intriguing its readers all at once. Flynn, with this novel, has proven that her book deserves to be well-known, and an author to be crowned as the queen of Plot twists. At first, you might think that the novel is pale and boring but this book has its own sweet time to pick up the thriller type of genre that readers will not expect- It is definitely worth the wait.

The author, Gillian Flynn, creates the most complex and unorthodox characters which is an effective one because the story would not have been worth it if the story only runs within one of the two protagonists. Both characters interprets that their perspective about their marriage are diverse and different- Amy’s diary describes Nick as moody, aggressive and menacing husband while Nicks portrays Amy as introvert, stubborn and illogically
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