Short Story 'Hop-Frog Or The Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs'

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After reading the short story “Hop-Frog, or The Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs” by Edgar Allen Poe, I argue that Hop Frog is justified in his actions. I believe this for a couple reasons. First, the social structure set up seems to be dependent on fat people and jokes regarding them and women. Most dwarves are short and plump and the narrator explains early on “[That] there is something in fat itself which predisposes to a joke” (Poe). The king has seven dwarves that minister him. In court, “many monarchs would have found it difficult to get through their days without both a jester to laugh with, and a dwarf to laugh at.”(Poe). Dwarves seem to be placed around the king just to be made fun of as well as to laugh with the king. In addition, women
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