Short Story, How The Nurse Feels, By Greg Changnon

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How the nurse feels The short story, How the nurse feels, is written by Greg Changnon and was published in 1998. The story is told from the perspective of a young girl, who is to play the nurse in Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo & Juliet. The story revolves around her reflections about the play, and about her portrayal of her character. During the course of the story, it is revealed that our narrator has a crush on a boy named Tiger De Soto. When he suddenly disappears, it gives our character ample opportunity to discover the essence of her character, and as the play ends, we see her finally getting into her character, the Nurse. The short story is most likely non-fiction . It takes place in modern times, in a town called Winetka during the winter. The story has a first person narrator, with the narrator being our protagonist. The story is mostly told in present time, but there is a single flashback, where our narrator recalls an event that took place earlier during the week “Last week, during wardrobe fittings (…)” (p. 2, l. 38). In the story, we meet several main characters and a few minor ones. First, our protagonist Tess. She is 15 years old, and plays the Nurse in Romeo & Juliet. We learn that she has 88 lines, appear in 11 of 24 scenes, has no costume changes and finds her role hard to play. She has a lot of trouble getting into the mind-set of the Nurse. At first she does not understand the role of the Nurse, but after reflecting over it she comes to the

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