Short Story: Hunting Trip To Dadqalato Island

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Rainsford had hated Whitney ever since the incident, and seeked revenge. They were on a hunting trip to Dadqalato Island and he had the perfect opportunity. Whitney had just gunned down a massive elk and turned around expecting to be congratulated by his partner. Instead he saw Rainsford holding a gun with a disturbing look on his face. Whitney soon realized what was happening and cried, “Please don-”. Bang! He was cut off by the gunshot’s booming loudness, which could be heard from miles away; Whitney was dead.

One year earlier:

Rainsford was a mid sized man and had crisp brown hair. He was a smart man who knew every single little trick when it came to hunting. One could say he was a zealous hunter. Rainsford didn’t have a family and wasn’t married. Hunting was the only thing that kept him going in life. He cared as much about
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May I ask what brings you here?”
“I am here to discuss our next hunting trip.”
“Well, come on in.”
Rainsford took a seat at the counter in Whitney’s kitchen. He smelled the sweet smell of chocolate chip cookies.
“Would you like a cookie?”
“Yes please.” Whitney pulled a tray of freshly baked cookies out of the oven. Rainsford took one and bit into it. The many flavors of the hot, gooey cookie, dancing about his mouth made his whole body tingle.
“To celebrate our great loving relationship, I think we should go to Dadqalato Island,” Rainsford suggested.
“Are you sure that’s where you would like to go?”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
The two men went to Dadqalato Island on their boat a few weeks later. Rainsford guided the way since he had already navigated through the rocky waters once. The crew dropped them off, then left so they would not dispel the animals. They trekked inland where they found elk tracks. They followed the tracks to a field in which the elk was standing. Whitney raised his gun and killed the elk. Whitney did not know what was going to happen to him in the next few minutes; he was about to become Rainsford’s first
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