Short Story Ice Break

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Nowadays, divorce has become more of a regular thing. A divorce does not only have a negative impact on the relationship, but also a negative effect on the kids. It splits the family apart, because the kids have to choose which side to take. Negative emotions also affect the kids, making them think that they are not loved by their parents. These are the premises set for the short story “Ice Break” by the Canadian writer Astrid Blodgett. We are met with the first person narrator, Dawn who has 3 sisters, Marla and Janie. Dawn is experiencing the negative impact of divorcing.
The short story’s composition is confusing at start, but makes sense in the end. It starts with Dawn with her father and Janie trying to find a spot on the frozen lake,
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Another theme that is visible throughout the story is that people tend to lie in order to cover themselves and to hide the different side of the same story. The theme is supported by Dawn’s observations of her mother. Even though she is young, she is still old enough to understand what is going on to some extent. She is confused about why her mother is not mentioning herself mourning Janie’s death, and her finding the five-dollar bill in Janie’s pocket . She is wondering why her mother is not mad at her for bribing Janie into accompanying her on the trip. The five-dollar bill is brought up several times in the short story and has a symbolic meaning . The bill can be interpreted in different ways, but the most fitting interpretation is that the bill represents Dawn’s love for Janie. This bill means a lot to Dawn, because it carries sentimental values since it was her first earnings from her babysitting. Giving this bill to Janie must mean that she really cares about her, and Dawn did not even hesitate to offering her the five-dollar bill. It can also be interpreted as Dawn being desperate, because she does not want to be alone with her father, because she knows it never ends well. She also says “There was no single crease in it ”, which means that she has never done anything to harm her in any way. In the paragraph above that, Dawn says that she could not fold a five-dollar bill in half and half, which means that she cannot protect Janie, despite bringing her into this situation. The composition also gives a sense of disorder, because the story line is scattered. However, everything assembles in the end, by the five-dollar
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