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Michael Chabon’s Manhood For Amateurs is a collection of short stories that Michael Chabon has derived from his own life. Each story is not only interesting, but each story is able to teach the reader something they didn 't know about them self. Reading the shirt story “Fever” I was inspired to write about one of my own experiences, this experience being the first time I ever had pizza in America. In my own personal story I tried to resemble the creative style that Chabon was able to write with, however, I was only able to do so much. The similarity between my essay and Chabon’s essay are that we both have a scene, I tried to resemble this aspect as it was the main focal point that inspired my essay. On the contrary Chabon and I do not share…show more content…
His story follows him as he goes to the apartment of the woman with whom he is desperately in love with, and throughout the journey to her apartment he grapples with himself to why he is even infatuated with her. The situation of her apartment makes readers even more uncomfortable as the man answering the door is a feeble man that Chabon characterizes as having a knack for smoking “great quantities of marijuana.” The story then hits its climax as Chabon 's character sees the “Stonehenge of pill bottles” by the nightstand, this is the breaking point for Chabon 's character as he realizes that the woman he 's in love with is a drug addict, and he saves her one more time just to let her go and not worry about where she travels. My story is a much lighter tale about the first time I tried pizza. In my stray I flashback to my times in Britain to when I was traumatized by the quality of pizza in the country that I formally called home. My study continues with me moving to the USA and Americanizing myself with everything, but the pizza we had in America. My story concludes with my father taking me to a well-known pizza place in New York, at which I learn the valuable life lesson of trying new things. Chabon and I do not share similar narratives, in fact they are quite far-off from each other. In conclusion Chabon 's “Fever” was able to remind me of the most important and life changing moments that I 've had. This is why I chose to emulate his scene and first paragraph at the beginning so heavily. However, the rest of our two essays could not have been further from each other, with both of us choosing two different

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