Short Story Jhumpa Lahiri

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Jhumpa Lahiri is a bengali girl born on July 11, 1967) is an Indian American author. Lahiri 's debut short story collection, Interpreter of Maladies (1999), won the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and her first novel, The Namesake (2003), was adapted into the popular film of the same name.[2] She was born Nilanjana Sudeshna but goes by her nickname (or in Bengali, her "Daak naam") Jhumpa.[1] Lahiri is a member of the President 's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, appointed by U.S. President Barack Obama.[3] Her book The Lowland, published in 2013, was a nominee for the Man Booker Prize and the National Book Award for Fiction. Ashima Ganguli could be a young bride close to deliver her 1st kid in an exceedingly hospital in Massachusetts. It is 1968, and her husband, Ashoke, is Associate in Nursing engineering student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). unaccustomed America, Ashima struggles through language and cultural barriers also as her own fears as she delivers her 1st kid alone. Had the delivery taken place in city, she would have had her baby reception, encircled by family. The delivery is made, and therefore the new oldsters area unit ready to require their son home after they learn they can 't leave the hospital before giving their son a legal name. The traditional naming methodology in their families is to possess Associate in Nursing elder provide the new baby a name, and so the new parents wait a letter sent by Ashima 's forebear. The letter
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