Short Story Love In L. A By Dagoberto Gilb

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When considering the emotions of a car accident one usually considers elements of anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, or plenty of other emotions. One would most likely not be very relaxed, or even flirtatious. This is what makes the situation, Jake from the short story Love in L.A. by Dagoberto Gilb, so peculiar. Love In L.A. although a short story takes the reader on a journey with Jake that ends with an odd yet optimistic point of view on the situation. Throughout the story, the reader can discover who Jake is as a person his aspirations, his personality, and what satisfies him.
Jake is your average good for nothing, wannabe musician. Throughout the reading, you can clearly read his persona through words that Gilb uses, such as starting out the story with "Jake slouched,"(432) already gives an idea as to how he carries himself. A reader can discover Jake's hidden desires through thoughts he has when driving such as, "A steady occupation had its advantages and he couldn't deny thinking about that too."(432) Gilb does a great job of helping the reader really
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Due to that, he "considered driving past the Toyota," (432) he knew that this would not end well so he hoped for the best and proceeded to get on the shoulder to check the damage. He immediately "perked up" (432) at the sight of no scratches on his Buick. Which as Gilb states "stood as one of his few clear cut accomplishments over the years," (433) which just goes to show that Jake has not accomplished what seems to the world to be much, but for him was a huge deal. He soon encounters the lovely Mariana, this is when Jake’s personality shines. Gilb uses phrases such as, “told her in that way of his” (433) which just leaves the reader really imagining your typical hipster boy, who believes he is super smooth and can charm effortlessly. He is quickly relieved by her smile and proceed to flirt even more

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