Short Story Marin Analysis

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The short story PAIN is an intriguing, yet sorrowful narrative that draws the reader towards the theme of abuse. The story is told from the perspective of a teenager, who deals with abuse from their intoxicated father. For the majority of people who are abused, they are impacted physically, mentally, and emotionally and the short story PAIN certainly describes the life of someone who is abused, which is shown through the protagonists eyes.

Some people who are abused, often are physically harmed as a way of proving they have power over the victim. In the story the father used his nearly finished liquor bottle, and his belt as a way of having power over his child. The quote “At this point he would be drunk, beating me with his near finished liquor in his hand.” means that he used his weapons as a way of taking away his child's human rights. The quote “12 years of being brutally beaten…everyday. By the man I
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The main character is mentally affected in parts of the story, and all of it is the father's fault. ”They came from a family party one night and of course my dad didn’t exactly know how to handle his liquor.” my mom died but of course my dad didn’t. The quote tells the reader a mental effect that the teenager has because of the experience. The adolescent thinks they have no purpose because they have no one to talk about their problems to.”I hate the abuse the abuse, but what can I do about it? I live alone with my dad, I have no friends; no one to talk to. I have nothing and I am nothing.” This quote explains that they believe mentally that their worthless because they are alone. The abuse is mentally affecting the teenager, because it is causing the teenager to dream about a day when the abuse finally stopped and the father apologises for everything he has done. At the end, the readers find out it was all just a dream and father is there, ready to assault the teenager
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