The Talking The Dog: A Short Story

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Missy the talking the dog!

It was a snowy afternoon, Lacey and Missy were running around the back yard and playing together. ¨One more time, sit for me¨ Lacey told Missy, and Missy sat down like Lacey told her to do. ¨Mom, I did it, I did it, She did sit.¨ yelled Lacey in excitement.

¨Good job sweety¨ said mom.

After a couple of minutes Lacey and Missy raced up the long, narrow staircase and through the door to her room. Missy sat on her fluffy, round dog bed that was right necks to lacey's bed, while Lacey look at the necklace that came with her new puppy. When she slipped it around her neck, she said ¨It's pretty, what do you think Missy.¨

¨I think it looks great
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¨ We are in front dragging you guys and humans are behind following us¨ Missy said sounding like a leader.

¨ Whatever you say wise one.¨ Lacey said in a sarcastic voice. After they had a whole conversation about the dog planet, They walked to the local park that was in the middle of their neighborhood and Lacey was talking to Missy and teaching her new tricks.

Couple minutes later, these two big, rude boys walked up too Lacey and Missy and said ¨ Why are you talking to that stupid dog.¨

¨ Why do you care if i'm talking to my dog. P.S, Missy is more intelligent than you¨ ¨ Ah, Whatever, But if we see you talking to that dog again, you freak.¨said the two boys in a mean way.

¨ Don't listen to them Missy, they're just trying to get to our heads.¨ It was one hour later, Lacey tied Missy to the pole right next to the bathrooms and told her ¨ You just stay right there, I will be right back.¨

¨ok¨ said Missy.

¨ Look she left her dog right there, let´s get her dog.¨said one of the boys named Brice.

¨Don't you think, that is bad.¨The other boy Dice asked Brice.

¨Shut up and get the dumb dog.¨ yelled

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