Short Story: Moving Away

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After a major uproar the students cause, the military questionably moves out, and the teenagers are left without any food for an extremely long while. After David may or may not "escape" from the school, and from his very-near death from the disease as his immunity diminished, we fast-forward a month or two, and are given a story primarily centered around Will and Lucy. It 's been forever since there was a supply drop in the Quad, and the population inside is majorly thinned. The established facility that the military had once controlled over to prevent students with the infection from leaving, but letting those free of it go through, was left suddenly abandoned, but the doors still being locked made it impossible to know from the outside. Suddenly,…show more content…
As well as how they didn 't mean for there to be any casualties. From then, students shout questions asking about the situation, and we are given much exposition, including the fact that the military was ordered to gas the school. The commander in charge, however, couldn 't do it, and handed the responsibility of caring for the kids to these new people, the leader of which is revealed to have a surprising familial connection to a certain major antagonist later on thanks to Will (and his new best friend Gates, who takes it... "far"). Because of the bus crash, many of the Loners either escaped or died, leaving only ten still moving about. Will finds himself not nearly as capable of being a leader as David was, and those left scatter about to different factions, with Lucy joining the Sluts and Will eventually joining the Saints after being persuaded by Gates. He eventually becomes the honorary second in charge, which apparently includes being by Gates most all the time, as well as the eye of his obsession (brought upon from even more spoilers). There 's far too much to explain even the beginning of the plot of this book in a single part of the report, but from this I believe you can grasp a pretty fair idea of what it

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