Short Story: Moving To America

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A year later when Daniela was sixteen she left home to live with her boyfriend Jason. They had only been dating a couple of months, but he helped her forget about reality for a while. Leaving reality was all that Daniela cared about. At first it was only the cheapest of beers, but soon he gave her drugs to help her escape. Daniela’s favourite was ecstasy. It was not cheap, but he let her have a discount in exchange for some favours. Whatever helped her forget how messed up reality was.

Jason wanted to move to America after Daniela had been with him for two years. He had graduated from high school and was suppose to move back to America, but decided not to live with his grandmother. It made sense since he was selling drugs and from what he told Daniela; he would make more money in America. Not wanting him to leave her behind, Daniela went with him to America. It was nothing like what everyone said it was. It looked like a place of despair not hope. Although, despair is what drug dealers thrive off of so it only made sense.
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She worked fulltime as a waitress at a bar during their stay in Boston. Daniela obtained an addiction to ecstasy, and found that she was paying her so called boyfriend more and more.

The icing on the cake was when she arrived home one day late from work. She found Jason and a pretty blond going down on each other, not even noticing the angry woman standing in the doorway. In a fit of uncontrollable rage, Daniela grabbed every pot and pan she could find and threw it at the man she once called her lover. She grabbed a knife and almost threw it at him when she managed to finally calm down. That night Daniela left and swore to never look back

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