Andi's Life-Personal Narrative

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Everyone thinks my sister, Andi, is good at everything and amazing because she’s pretty and nice and all that garbage. I’ve always been known as Andi’s brother. That’s me, Les. I am the deadbeat of deadbeats with a mouth on me like a wide-mouthed frog. Since it was Andi’s last year of high school, she was preparing for a scholarship. It has been her dream since her first year to get a full scholarship and just thinking about that made me mad. I had spent the last few weeks thinking of ways to ruin Andi’s big day. I had originally planned to mess with the images and cue cards of her project, but after running the scenario through my head, I decided she’d notice too easily. However, if she had no project at all to present, the judges would…show more content…
She was still pestering me on why I wanted to speak with Mary. The rest of the assembly was fairly boring until they announced Andi’s name. I sat up in my seat, ready to embrace my success. At first Andi walked up to the stage, a little anxiously, and arranged her cue cards. She didn’t seem as nervous as I would have expected, but maybe she didn’t realise I’d deleted the files. Her speech started off fairly basic as she explained the purpose of her project and the initial thought process she went through. Next was the actual project part of her presentation, what I had been waiting for. For what seemed like an eternity she was quiet, with a deep frown carved into her forehead. The ‘judges’ all looked up from their assessment papers. Then, finally, she began. “Uh.. There have been some technical issues today affecting my presentation. My actual project cannot be accessed at the current time.” Andi said softly into the microphone. A few mumbles were heard in the crowd. “But!” She said suddenly, trying to quiet everyone. “I do have something else I might as well share. My original plan for the project, which I scrapped half way. It’s not as good as my final, and has a lot of issues, but I thought it would be better than nothing.” My face

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