Short Story Of Cedarwood's Poem

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“Jared we love you!” a voice from the crowd shouted.
Music played as East Bay’s mascot the wolf danced around howling and beating its chest. Within a few minutes, however, the crowd had become loud in a round of boos and shouting. Cedarwood 's mascot had raced out into the field followed by its team. The boo’s and the hollers had become so immense that the referee had to blow his whistle shouting inaudible words to the audience. After a couple of minutes, however, the coin was tossed and the game began.
The game began quickly as did the rain. Tiny drops sprinkled the helmets of my teammates and I as we filed into position. I reached for the ball calling,
"Red 41, Red 41 hut, hut, hike!"
Like an explosion, the game came to life. Linebackers
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