Short Story Of Cinderella

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One female had a dreadful life after the loss of her beloved father. She wouldn’t regret the past but that wouldn’t stop her to look into the future. To make matters worse her wicked step-mother and step-sisters made her life inconceivable. They make her do handiwork, gardening, and wash the dishware. Cinderella was the girls name, she really adapted with the orders that her step mother & sisters. She did what she was told and never asked back, and little did she know something extraordinary will happen in the future.
The German’s side of the story is a lot similar in some ways and different in other ways. For example in the French version they say that his dad died because he wasn’t even mentioned in the story but in the German version he still living and asked his daughters if he wanted anything to bring back for them. Of course the brutal step-sisters asked for exotic dresses, the shiniest pearls and diamonds but Cinderella being modesty she only said to break off the first twig that brushes against her father hat on his way home. After the father came home and gave his daughters what they asked for he gave Cinderella the twig from the hazel branch. She planted right on her mother 's grave, she wept so much she watered it. Another comparison it says in the French and German version that her real mother died.
Every time Cinderella went to the grave a white bird would give any wish Cinderella crave. Passing time the king proclaimed a festival but in the French version it

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