Fairy Godmother's Dress

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away from many towns, villages and other kingdoms, a beautiful baby girl was born into a wealthy family. Her name was Cinderella and she had beautiful, luscious hair, and a smile that could make any gloomy day sunny again. She was loved endlessly by all creatures, big and small. Her life was literally the definition of perfection. She received everything she desired in life, whether or not her parents approved of it or how expensive it was.

As Cinderella grew older and became more independent, she began to look down on everyone else and started to feel more superior than ever. She became very cocky by the age of 12 and as the days passed by, the people, who once loved her, changed their opinions portrayed
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She transformed the pumpkin into a grand coach, the rat into a coachman, the two mice into footmen and the four grasshoppers into four stunning white horses. Next, she transformed Cinderella’s already-beautiful dress into a more exquisite dress; all blue and sparkly. Her sandals became a pair of unique glass slippers and in no time at all, she was all set for the ball. For the first time ever, she was surprisingly impressed with someone else’s efforts for her. She hurriedly got into her coach, but before the coach moved, Fairy Godmother warned her to be home by midnight. She nodded and instructed for the coachman to…show more content…
On the same week, Cinderella was sent home by the prince. Originally, Prince Charming was to have one of his servants send her back, but because he felt bad for Cinderella, especially after all the memories he had made with her, he decided it would be best if he returned her home himself.

However, whilst saying his goodbyes to Cinderella, Anastasia walked out just in time to see the prince and almost instantly, the both of them fell in love. Anastasia offered to show the prince around and in this time, they learnt so much about each other and knew that they were perfect for one another. Cinderella, on the other hand, had to live through hell, watching them enjoy each other’s company.

Both Anastasia and Prince Charming visited each other at least three times a week from that moment onwards and on their two-year anniversary, Prince Charming proposed and they both lived happily ever after, while Cinderella learnt to be a better person, in hope that one day, she is given a second chance at love. The
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