Short Story Of Cinderella

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away from many towns, villages and other kingdoms, a beautiful baby girl was born into a wealthy family. Her name was Cinderella and she had beautiful, luscious hair, and a smile that could make any gloomy day sunny again. She was loved endlessly by all creatures, big and small. Her life was literally the definition of perfection. She received everything she desired in life, whether or not her parents approved of it or how expensive it was. As Cinderella grew older and became more independent, she began to look down on everyone else and started to feel more superior than ever. She became very cocky by the age of 12 and as the days passed by, the people, who once loved her, changed their opinions portrayed of her. One day, Cinderella’s kind-hearted mother became very ill and Cinderella lost her mother at the age of 13. Cinderella’s father was affected the most, of them all, and his heart broke into a million pieces when he was informed of the terrible news, making him the most miserable man in the kingdom. He locked himself up in his grand room and blocked everyone out from his life, including Cinderella for a good week or so. His psychologist, coincidently, had also lost his beloved wife a while back and so, he understood the situation Cinderella’s father was in and advised Cinderella’s father to distract himself by going on a two-years journey around the world. With Cinderella’s father out of the picture for two years, Cinderella

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