Short Story Of Cinderella

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Once upon a time I was remarried to a kind man and then that caused his poor, weak child to become my step-daughter. She never liked me and I don’t know why. All I ever made her do was some easy chores. Like seriously her two stepsisters,Anastasia and Drizella, have to maintain their closets full of shoes and drawers with plenty of clothes themselves. Keeping your room tidy is a very hard thing if you have two extremely lazy and selfish daughters. Cinderella was just simply doing much harder chores because she is smarter than her step sisters.Her fault not mine for being intelligent. One night a letter caim in the mail. Of course Anastasia and Drizella yanked the letter out of my old hands begging to know what it was. They cut open the letter and Drizella yells “Oh my goodness a festive held by prince!” Once Drizella finished reading the letter she explains how you can only bring a maximum of two guests. I wanted to bring Cinderella for a reward for all her hard work around my house but of course Drizella and Anastasia would have a fit if they could not go. Cinderella walks into the kitchen and she overhears us. I start to worry she will ask. With her little voice she asks “Step mother may I be aloud to come to this festival you speak of?” I go in a firm voice “I am sorry but you have to earn to go here go pick up all these lentils out of the ashes and maybe you can earn it.” I had to come up with an excuse because, it would be even more rude to say no when she never did

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