Short Story Of Great Depression-Personal Narrative

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“Get out of here, now!” yelled the nurse. Elizabeth kneeled down and started begging. “Please, my mother is dying. She can’t even talk now.” “Well, I am very sorry about that, but there’s nothing I can do.” snapped the nurse with a stern face. “How can you do this? You are an old friend of her!” cried the small girl. “Honey, listen. I really want to help, but we are in Great Depression. Everyone desperately needs money, and that includes me.” “But…” “The herb you are asking for is very expensive. I can’t just give it away for 10 dollars.” “...” “Now get out of here. Can’t you see the long line behind you?” ordered the nurse with a mad voice. Elizabeth helplessly walked out. It was raining heavily outside, yet she did not have an umbrella or a jacket to protect her. The cold rain mixed with her tears and dropped to the ground. Soon it rained more and more heavily. Before Elizabeth reached the train station, the train stopped running due to the…show more content…
May I ask why you are crying here?” the old woman asked with a sympathetic facial expression. Half-crying, Elizabeth told the woman that her mom is dying from a fatal disease, and only an herb named ‘jippio plant’ can cure her. She also described how the neighborhood hospital has the herb, but she cannot afford it. “Hmm… Have you ever visited Mr. Linden’s library?” “Mr. Linden’s library? I’ve never heard of it… Why?” asked Elizabeth, wondering why the old lady is talking about a library when she needs an herb. “I heard that Mr. Linden has a magical book that grants people’s wishes. I don’t know if it’s merely a rumor, but I suppose you can visit him and ask.” “Wow! A book that grants wishes? How much do I have to pay to use it?” exclaimed Elizabeth with excitement. “I don’t know. You should go ask Mr. Linden in person. His library is located inside this building,” answered the lady, pointing at the old brick

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