Short Story Of Keda's Ultima

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As the trees go by, Keda keeps her eyes on the road, not taking time to look at her surroundings. Keda is a werewolf with violet purple hair that matches her ears and tail, her eyes, being mechanical, change colors every few seconds. She is an Ultima werewolf; this is a secret she must keep from everyone, Being an Ultima, if she bites anyone with her fangs out, or if anyone sees her ultima eyes, they will immediately begin the painful transformation of changing from a human to a werewolf. On the side of the road, there is a sign, stating what the speed limit is. Keda glances at the sign and realizes that she is going over the speed limit. But she does not care about this. She is here for one reason, and one reason only. To see him. “I haven 't seen…show more content…
It was raining; she was home alone since her mother left her father and her father had started working more. She remembered ending her exoskeleton and giving her small details like the color of her eyes, her height, which was the same as Keda’s at the time and giving her a voice. When she had finished, she grabbed Sonia’s suit and carefully put it on her. When she was activated, she was scared and didn’t know where she was. (She was given human-like emotions.) “Who are you? Where am I? Who am I? Answer me!” Sonia yelled. “My name is Keda; your name is Sonia. I created you. You are in my home, do not be afraid.” said Keda calmly. “Why did you create me?” “I created you so we can keep each other company. My family was murdered and, I became lonely. My father works a lot, so I never get to see him unless it’s a special occasion.” “You must talk about this a lot.” “What makes you say that? I’ve never talked about this before.” “Well, you 're not crying. I would be crying if it was me talking about something like
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