Short Story Of King Nemo The Great

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Nemo the Great wasn’t just a ordinary King who was just an basic hero. King Nemo was a very generous, honest, respectful, and loyal king who only thought positive about everything in his life. King Nemo also followed all the codes of Chivalry which were; Always stay loyal to your loved ones, Always stay positive regardless of the negative impact, and Always have faith. He was a very shy king as times but he always did good deeds when it came down to a lot of things. With that being said, King Nemo always helped with getting everyone things they needed the most. He knew that helping people would make a positive impact regardless of any situation. King Nemo came across this villain who he preferred his name as “King Burden”. He was a mean, cruel, careless, and rude guy who lived in the same village as King Nemo.…show more content…
King Burden was suppose to be the hero who helped and made everybody in the village happy, but instead he made everyone in the village dislike him by his mean an cruel ways. King Burden looked very bad to the village and he thought that was King memo’s fault so he wasn’t very
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