Short Story Of The True Hero: Johnny Cade

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A hero is a person who is admired by others for their outstanding achievments and for their courage. Johnny Cade is the real hero. He is nice, brave, caring, and also strong. Johnny sacrificed his life for litle kids.
One of the greatest thing Johnny did to show is bravery as being a hero was by going into a burning church to save little kids. Johnny knew it was dangerous but he still went in anyways. Because of him going into the burning to save the little childrens he got bunt on the back because a wood of fire fell on him. That caused him to be seriously injured and in a critical condition. Johnny surrendered his life for the little kids.
At home Johnny is being abused by his abusive parents. He doesn’t get to feel the affection of a parents love. Somedays he even sleeps outside weather it was freezing cold or really hot. Another thing Johnny did was he rescued Ponyboy in the park when the socs tried to drown Ponyboy in the fountain.
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Some people might think Ponyboy is the best hero because he ranway from home and somehow still managed to live. And because his parent passed away and that he lives with his two brothers. Johnny is still the best hero.
Johnny did so many things to show he is the hero. Johnny shows what it means to be a hero. Johnny Cade is the definition of a hero. In conclusion Jonny is the best
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