Short Story Of Timmy: A Narrative Fiction

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The street lights flickered and unequivocal silence traversed through the dead night in downtown Brooklyn. The day was November 2, 1987, and a wealthy family of three, the Owens, had just finished eating dinner. The family left the restaurant and walked down the crosswalk to get to the family car. Both of Timmy’s parents, John and Martha, were walking hand in hand with their small child. Suddenly, Timmy heard a gentle voice coming from the alleyway saying, “Timmy, come here.” This startled the young boy, but out of the dark shadows, a beautiful young girl was saying, “Follow me Timmy, let’s go play. Come with me.” The young girl had long, wavy, golden hair. A long black dress with a gold necklace. The girl’s face was creamy-white, with large…show more content…
Then she snapped her fingers again. She transformed into a monster with spine-chilling bloody red eyes and teeth like a ferocious beast.
The creature said, “He’s forever mine. Go and enjoy the rest of your pitiful life.”
After expressing those horrible words, the creature vanished into thin air just like his son. Martha sprinted over to John yelling “Where is Timmy?”
“Timmy is gone. Something took him away from me and he just vanished before my very eyes. I just don’t understand. There was nothing else I could do. I’m so sorry,” replied John.
Both parents started to cry in agony. John and Martha then drove to the police station and filed a report. Their precious son, Timmy, just vanished into thin air. The police sergeant sent police officers to the scene of the crime. The police searched the entire area and claimed there wasn’t enough information for the officers to identify a suspect. The sergeant’s doomed words haunted John and
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They came face to face with the Black Man. John cried out, “Who are you, and what have you done with Timmy?” The Black Man giggled and replied, “I am not, and your boy is gone.” Martha began to cry and John felt fear shiver down his entire body. A small figure slowly came out behind the Black Man and looked like a boy. The possessed boy had pitch black eyes, a pale white face, and a tongue like a serpent. Martha stopped crying and looked at the boy. She screamed “John, that’s our Timmy!” The Black Man commanded the boy to kill them! The boy looked straight into John’s eyes, and it felt like the boy was looking through John’s soul. The boy pulled out a sharp knife and replied to the Black Man “yes, master.” Martha screamed, “Timmy, no, don’t listen to him. He is the Devil!”
The little boy replied, “I am not Timmy. Timmy is gone! And you must never question the master.”
John pleaded, “Don’t do this, there is good inside of you!”
“I serve only the master,” replied the boy.
The boy charged at Martha and John with a blood-soaked knife. Martha and John’s corpses lay on the dirty floor. The boy walked back over to his master and said, “It is done.”
“Very good. Their souls will burn in the fiery flames of hell and will be tormented for all eternity,” said the Black Man. They both began to laugh and then they disappeared. The corpses of John and Martha Owens lay there rotting. When the police finally
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