Short Story Of Too-Too Moo

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Once upon a time, there’s a girl named Too-too-moo who lived in a one-room house in a forest of Java island with her mother. They were poor but they are happy. Sadly, there’s a giant that came every day for a pot of sweet porridge. If he didn’t get a pot full of sweet porridge, he will eat Too-too-moo instead. Every morning, Too-too-moo always put her hair into a knot with her long hairpin. Then she helped her mother to gather firewood and herbs to sell at the market. After that, her mother would cook a plain rice for their breakfast. After eating, her mom would cook the huge pot of sweet porridge for the giant with tasty rice flour, fragrant coconut milk, and lots of sugar. Her mother then go to the market while Too-too-moo did housework. She swept the floor, washed dishes and shook out their sleeping mat then went outside to play. When she heard the giant’s footstep she immediately went inside the house and locked the door. The giant then knocked the door with one finger and said “Too-too-moo where are you?” She answered “In the house.” “Where’s your mother” “At the market!” “WHERE’S MY PORRIDGE?’ “In the pot!” The giant then picked up the pot and swallowed the porridge in just one big gulp. This happened every day. Her mother would return from the market with food to make the porridge and for themselves. But, there was never enough for them. One day, her mom didn’t sell as much as usual and she didn’t have enough money to buy food for them. She only bought

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