Short Story Of Wes Father's Life

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Author Wes ' father died when he was three. His dad was always there for him though and had his back even though it was only three short years. When he lost his father he was too young to understand. Joy now has to work all the time juggling a bunch of different jobs just to get Author Wes into a good school. It impacts him because he doesn 't have a father figure to talk to and learn from. The other Wes ' father abandoned him and is alive but not around. This is almost a more sad situation because Author Wes ' dad wasn 't there because he died and couldn 't be but the other Wes ' father chose not to be there. Any child needs their father and it effects Wes because now that he doesn 't feel wanted, rebels more, and has an older girlfriend. Author Wes moved to Nee York and is attending a private school but gets caught in the mix between the fancy rich white kids at school and his other friends in his neighborhood. He says, "I was becoming too ‘rich’ for the kids from the neighborhood and too ‘poor’ for the kids at school"(Moore 74). He is struggling in school and his mom even threatens to send him to military…show more content…
The other Wes starting selling drugs and his mom found a stash in a shoe box in his room and flushed them down the toilet. I think that was a smart move because what else would you do with the drugs you can 't keep it and he shouldn 't be selling it. Tony what 's to be like Wes because he was a good kid and had his life way more figured out then he did and wasn 't in the drug business. Wes wanted to be like Tony and be able to buy new shoes and clothes all the time. Tony tried to keep the other Wes out of the drug business and was looking out for his brother. I do not think it makes him a hypocrite I think it makes him a
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