Short Story Of Yank Gruener

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This story is about Yanek Gruener a young Jewish boy who lives in Poland. He was living a really good life having fun just being a boy, playing outside eating good food. Until, the Natzis came. Then, they had 3 families come to live with them. After the 3 families left, Yanek’s own family came to live with them. They lived in a pigeon coup on the roof, where none could get in. The Natzis started taking 7,000 Jews to concentration camps. Then every week after that they would take more. On the night of Yanek's bar mitzvah then needed to celebrate quickly because in the morning the Natzi’s would take 7,000 Jews from their homes. In the morning, it was a nightmare. Screaming and gunshots were heard everywhere. They were not taken that morning.…show more content…
Yanek ran as fast as he could home. When he got home he only saw his crying little cousin. He asked, where are my parents? Where is everybody else? They were taken to a concentration camp. About another week later, Yanek was taken. At his first concentration camp, he saw his Uncle Moshe. They were like best friends in this camp. But one day, Yanek could not find Uncle Moshe. Moshe was killed.Yanek was taken to many more concentration camps. In one, he found a misplaced floor board so he and his 3 friends hid under the floor board everyday for about a week. Until, they almost got caught.The next concentration camp they were under the impression they were going to be burned in a gas chamber. But the Natzi’s never turned it on. They were just messing with
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