Short Story On Hounding In The Jungle

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“Sir, we…I need to turn around.” He threw her a you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me look. Then glanced out the back window. “Seriously, sir, I’d like to turn around.” “Yeah? Not gonna happen. In case you haven’t noticed, we are being hounded by bad guys.” “No, no, we are not being hounded by bad guys. You are being hounded by bad guys. I need to turn around.” She hurled a scared fleeting look at him. Everyone she had seen within the last ten minutes, including him, were bad guys. “How much gas?” “About half a tank.” Sheesh, did he not hear me. “Good…that’s good. Up ahead, there will be a fork in the road, bear to the left. “Sir, please, I’d really like to turn around. We’re getting deeper into the jungle.” “It’s going to get a lot deeper too. There it is, bear left, that’ll take us off Northern Road.” Marcee obeyed, racking her brain for a plan. Her cell phone rested safely in the back pocket of her hiking shorts. She needed the opportunity to use it. Driving deeper into the jungle wasn’t going to help. If they turned around and ran into more bad guys—well, that wasn’t good either. Her stomach flip-flopped. Marcee was not an innocent to jungle life. She wasn’t an expert either. Her brother, Mark, and his wife were missionaries to Belize, and she had visited them a few times over the years. Mark had always stressed how quickly a person could become confused on the side roads and to err on the side of caution when jungle bound. Still, she could not keep driving until he

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